Indigo Rhythm

 Indigo Rhythm - Ages 8-12

Indigo Rhythm explores a rainbow of creative expression and skill building. The nuts and bolts of rhythm, harmony, ensemble playing and communication are our playground. From wild and whacky Boomwhacker exercises, arrangements of Beatles songs and classic rock to sublime soundscapes, Indigo Rhythm is sure to delight and inspire. Our instrumentation includes voice, Orff instruments, keyboard, hand percussion and Boomwhackers. Bring your own instrument or find one here! 

 Indigo KidStrums Workshop (Indigo Rhythm and KidStrums Guitar together!) 

Up meets down, in meets out and belly meets button. Indigo Rhythm meets KidStrums for a force to be reckoned with! This workshop grew out of the fascination shared by Indigo Rhythm and KidStrums for each other's craft. Musical games, Beatles songs, classic rock and originals as well as the science of sound and instrument building  will all get a workout here! Vocalists, instrumentalists, guitarists and songwriters join for some unprecedented music making!