GUITAR: KIDSTRUMS I -  Classes, private and semi-private lessons - all ages.

Class description: KidStrums I is a great opportunity for any child wishing to dive deep into the heart of guitar playing, step by step. Your child will have fun naming guitar parts, tuning, learning chords, singing and playing familiar songs. Yellow Submarine, Eleanor Rigby, classic folk, reggae and rock as well as originals are our playground. Basic songwriting is introduced using simple chords learned in class and everyday experiences as lyrics. Fun, focused and fantastically inspiring! 

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GUITAR: KIDSTRUMS II - Private and semi-private lessons in guitar and songwriting / Ensemble playing once per month. Level: Intermediate.

Entry into KidStrums II is determined by skill level, not age. A combination of private lessons including songwriting, for the seriously inspired student. 

 Guitar technique, repertoire,  performance confidence and composition skills steadily develop in KidStrums II. The budding musician flowers in this challenging, creatively supportive environment. Students have fun playing all time favorites and composing fabulous, funny, heartfelt songs as well as soundscapes which draw from the technical and chordal palette as it develops. This course of study is highly individualized, assumes a working knowledge of fundamental guitar and the student's desire to have their music arranged for an ensemble. Call Director for details and to see if this is the right class for your child.

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 FLUTE LESSONS - all levels, all ages

Private lessons in the French School of Flute Playing in the lineage of Marcel Moyse. Director, Claudia Tulip, was fortunate beyond measure to have attended Master Classes with the great master himself. This course of study explores flute color, technique and and repertoire in great depth. Students ready themselves for ensemble playing.